Review of the Hobbit Trailer

There is supposedly a trailer of Peter Jackson directed JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit, available, which is supposed to be released on December 19th, 2006. Falling for it, I downloaded it using Limewire and can attest it is an excellent hoax, albeit one that somewhat makes you pine for the real thing.

What gives it away as a hoax? There is no mention of the dwarves, only Bilbo, Gollum , Gandalf and two wood elves (who obviously are the ones appearing in lotr and i am assuming they are the wood elves). The Dragon fortunately makes an appearance but the pinkish brown dragon and the accompanying scenes seems to be straight out of Dragonheart.


finally managed to see spiderman 2...

...and was the wait worth it. It was as good as the reviews. Unlike the first one, spidey's swinging bit wasn't the be all & end all and we finally get to see his nerdy behaviour. Of course, you miss the smart assy replies of the comics, but you have everything else: a strong villain, the non-geeky & balancing mary jane (ahem, little of the wet wet kiss!! :-( ), etc., Probably, the best comic book movie, ever.